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The Millet Collective

Visual Identity and Packaging

We know the importance of a balanced meal! For this reason, The Millet Collective's mission is to enable you (farmers and the planet) to live a better life, both by saving time and by fueling you with energy. You can always trust The Millet Collective's products to be tasty, nutritious, convenient and affordable. The Millet Collective uses four types of Millets, not only because they’re sustainable, but also because they’re an extraordinarily versatile and pure ingredient, which has made it possible for them to create products with excellent taste. The Millet Collective promotes the unsung, unadulterated indigenous Millets in an overcrowded snack market filled with imported ingredients and flavors. 

The visual language emphasizes on fresh, healthy ingredients gone into making these delicious munchies and meals advocating Millets as a fun alternative, using simple line drawing and color blocking. 

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