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Ettana - The Looms of Kanchi

Illustration and Packaging

Ettana - The Looms of Kanchi is the first game of the start-up Mad4Fun Games. Ettana is a 2 – 4 player game that takes somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes to complete. The crux of the game is to recreate the pattern seen on the card - onto the board with economical moves based on solid strategy and of course, luck. With each pattern completed, the player earns ‘Annas’ or points. Some patterns are more complicated than others, earning the player more ‘Annas’ or points. The first player to get 8 victory points (Annas) would be declared winner of the game.


All components of the game were illustrated with painstaking detailing inspired by the handlooms and temple sculptures found in Kanchipuram. The game box was visualised in the evergreen colour combination of peacock hues appealing to audience both at home and abroad. The design cards are inspired by Jacquard cards and action cards have been illustrated with 'Mudras' or hand gestures native to the dance form Bharathanatyam. 


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